dinsdag 8 september 2009

Massages, trading clothes and singing for our adventure

Together with some very enthusiastic people we are organizing some cool activities to make it easier for you to support us. You'll get something in return! Voor de Nederlandse versie van dit bericht: zie onder.

1. Massage marathon
Monique Hammink (http://www.moniquehammink.nl/) offered to organize a massage marathon with Japanese roll-out massages. A massage takes 20 minutes and costs € 10,- p.p. (minimum). Two massages at the same time, so bring your friend, family or child.
The roll-out is a Japanese technique, which is performed through your clothes. In a very short time it works deeply on your energy system, it rebalances and you can feel your energy flowing again!

Dates and times
Sun. Sept. 13, in Rijswijk @ Ca & Frank's place
Sun. Sept. 27, in Amsterdam
Sun Oct. 4, in Rijswijk @ Ca & Frank's place
Times: from 11.00 till 18.00 hrs
>>>subscribe now: call or e-mail Ca via 06 - 246 28 710 / ca@studioca.nl

2. Trading clothes (women and men!)
You have plenty of clothes (or shoes or accessories) in your closet, but you only wear half of it, because it didn't suit you after all or a part doesn't fit anymore? Your flop can be some else's TOP. So collect your clothes/shoes/boots/accessories you don't use anymore and take it with you on Saturday Octobre 17 to trade it.

How it works? Upon arrival you hand over your items. We tag it with your name and a nice price (somewhere between 10 and 20 euros). We make sure it's visible for everybody. If everybody is eying one particular item, we will sell it to the highest bidder in an auction.

So, you trade your clothes for other items. At a very reasonable price. Nice shopping! Ca (http://www.studioca.nl/) will be there to give free cllothing advice.

Date, location and time
Date: Sat. Oct. 17
Time: from 13.00 till 17.00 hrs
Location: ‘De Bloei’, Bloemgracht 175-177 in Amsterdam. Route.
Only women's and men's clothes (no children's clothes). De clothes have to be clean and still good. We'll give you the clothes back that aren't sold.
>>>subscribe: call or e-mail Ca via 06 - 246 28 710 / ca@studioca.nl

3. Grote Open Zangavond
Erica Nap (http://www.murali.nl/) will be organizing another Grote Open Zangavond. 50% of the profits from this night will be donated to Cordaid Kinderstem, wow!

What is the Grote Open Zangavond?!
Two years ago we were with more than 150 people, singing Mantra’s, circle songs, hymnes and of course a Christmas carol. You are most welcome at Friday night December 18.

Date: Fri. Dec. 19
Time: open at 19.30 hrs, start 20.00 hrs.
Location: Biodanzafabriek, Oostzijde 355, Zaandam. Route.
Costs: € 12,50 incl. coffee/tea

Subscribe on time, this night is very popular and the places are limited!
>>>e-mal Murali: info@murali.nl

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